Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in 3 Simple Steps

Stuck on iCloud Activation Lock screen? Forgot your Apple ID and password? With Fucosoft Activation Lock Bypass, you can bypass the iCloud Activation Lock without any hassle. It is so easy to use that you can complete the process in 3 steps.

Connect iOS Device

1. Connect iOS Device

Jailbreak Your Device

2. Jailbreak Your Device

Bypass Activation Lock

3. Bypass Activation Lock

iCloud Activation Lock Bypass without Password

Get a second-hand iPhone and locked out of the Activation Lock screen? This software provides an easy and quick way to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without password. After bypassing, you can now access the locked iDevice and use it.

Activation Lock
Activate iPhone
Could Not Activate iPhone
  • 1. Fucosoft Activation Lock Bypass tool is fully compatible with iPhone 5S to iPhone X running iOS 12.3 to iOS 13.5 (iOS 12.4.5, 12.4.6 & 12.4.7 excluded).

  • 2. Your iOS device will be jailbroken after bypassing iCloud Activation Lock. You can't use the function of phone call, cellular and iCloud of your new Apple ID.

  • 3. Please do not reset your iDevice after bypassing, or the Activation Lock screen will appear again. You can use this software on the same device for unlimited times.

  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in Any Scenarios

    This tool can help you bypass iCloud Activation Lock in various scenarios, such as a second-hand iPhone without turnning off Find My iPhone, forget Apple ID & password, restore device without logging out the Apple ID, or Apple ID be hacked by some malware, etc.

    Best Solution for iPhone Activation Lock Bypass

    You can easily get access into any locked iOS Device with this powerful iCloud Activation Lock bypass tool.

  • 1. Log into a new Apple ID on your device and enjoy the iOS features.

  • 2. Your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch won't be tracked by the previous Apple ID.

  • 3. Your iDevice won't be blocked or erased by previous Apple ID user remotely.
  • Access Locked iPhone

    Screenshots of Fucosoft Activation Lock Bypass

    Connect iOS Device

    Connect iOS Device

    Jailbreak iOS Device

    Jailbreak iOS Device

    Bypass Activation Lock

    Bypass Activation Lock

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