Change GPS Location on iPhone/iPad in One Click

You may want to trick your friends on social apps with Fake GPS location, hide your location to stop being tracked, fake location to match more friends on dating apps, access geo-restricted apps or games anywhere in the world. Fucosoft iOS Location Changer can meet all your needs and enables you to change GPS location on iPhone or iPad instantly.

Simulate GPS Movement with Customize Route/Speed

With Fucosoft iPhone Location Changer, you can simulate natural GPS movement by planning a two-spot or multi-spot route on the map to move along with customized speed. Simply set the route and speed you want, you can go anywhere in the world.

Two-spot Movement: Plan a route between two points.
Multi-spot Movement: Plan a route by selecting multiple spots on the map.

Simulate GPS Movement

Works Well with All Location-based AR Games or Apps

Fucosoft iPhone Location Spoofer alows you change GPS location to trick all location-based games or apps. It can be used with Pokemon Go, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Life360, Tinder, Grindr, Skout, Bumble, and more.

More Advanced Features Are Available

Set Coordinate

You can enter the coordinates to search and select a precise location.


Customize Speed

Simulate the walking, cycling or driving speed from 1m/s to 3.6km/h.

Pause Anytime

Pause and continue moving at anytime to make the route more natural.


Historical Records

Automatically save the historical spots and even record the specific time.

Change GPS Location on iPhone within 3 Steps

Select Change Location Mode

Step 1. Select Change Location Mode

Connect iPhone to Computer

Step 2. Connect iPhone to Computer

Modify Location on Your iPhone

Step 3. Modify Location on Your iPhone

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