Fix: iMessage Needs to Be Enabled to Send This Message

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iMessage allows you to easily communicate with your contacts in a unique way by sending messages, stickers, and even including media files with your message.

But like most other features on your iOS device, it doesn’t always work as expected and sometimes you may see the message, “Cannot Send Message. iMessage needs to be enabled to send this message” when you try to send the message.

imessage needs to be enabled to send this message

If this is the problem you are experiencing when you try to send messages, the solutions in this article will prove very useful to you.

1. Enable iMessages on Your Phone

When you see this error message, the first solution to consider is to check if iMessage is enabled. You can easily do this in the iPhone’s settings.

Just go to Settings > Messages and turn on “iMessages.” Wait for it to be activated and then try sending the message again to see if the error message will pop up again.

turn imessage off and on

2. Check WiFi Connection

You will be unable to use iMessage if your iPhone is not connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. Therefore, follow these simple steps to check if the network you have chosen to use is working properly.

  • Is the router you are using turned on and working properly?
  • If the router is turned on, but you are not connected, switch it off for about 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, turn it back on and then reconnect the iPhone to the network.
  • Once the device is connected to the WiFi network, try sending the message again.

turn wifi on iphone

3. Turn Airplane Mode On and Off

Since this is a network connection issue, turning the Airplane mode on and off may get the iPhone to re-connect to a network and fix the issue.

To do this, just swipe down from the top-left to open the Control Center and hit the “Airplane Mode” icon. Tap on it again after a few seconds to disable it.

turn airplane mode on and off

4. Force Close the Messages App

You can also fix this problem by force closing the Messages app. To do this, tap on the iPhone’s home button twice quickly to open the App Switcher. On iPhones without a home button, swipe up from the bottom and hold.

Then locate the Messages app and drag the app card up and off the screen. Wait at least 15 minutes app, then try sending the message again.

force close messages app

5. Check iMessage Sever Status

In rare situations, you are unable to send the message because the Apple Servers are down. This doesn’t happen very often, but it is a possibility. Fortunately, you can use these steps to check if this is the problem.

  • Go to Apple’s System Status Page and look at the dot next to “iMessage.”
  • If it is green, then there is no problem with the server and the problem may be with your device.
  • But if it is red or yellow, then there may be a problem and you’ll just have to try again later.

check apple imessage server

6. Restart Your iPhone

This problem can also be caused by various bugs in the iOS system and the best solution, in this case, is to restart the iPhone.

Use the device’s physical buttons to turn off the device, then turn it back on again. Then, try sending the message to check if the issue has been resolved.

restart iphone

7. Remove Stuck Message or Conversation

If there are messages that are stuck, they may be preventing you from sending the new message, and deleting them may help.

To delete the stuck messages, open the app and go to the conversation that is stuck. Long-press on the message or conversation, then tap “Delete” from the options that appear. If this doesn’t work, you can try to delete the entire conversation.

8. Log Out & Back Into iMessage Account

This is a solution that has worked for many users and may therefore prove useful to you as well. Here’s how to do it;

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings app and scroll down to tap “Messages.”
  • Tap on “Send and Receive” and disable the email addresses and phone numbers listed under “You can receive messages to and reply from.”
  • Then, click on the Apple ID at the top and tap “Sign Out.” Once signed out, restart your iPhone.
  • Go back and sign in. A popup will appear, saying “use the Apple ID for iMessage?”
  • If you want to use the same Apple ID, tap “Sign in.” Enter the login details requested.
  • Once signed in, try sending the message again.

sign out imessage

9. Try to Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings may also work to solve the problem. Doing this will not affect the data on your device such as apps, music, and photos. But it will reset all network settings to default.

  • From the Settings app, choose “General.” Then select “Reset.”
  • From the options, choose “Reset Network Settings” and enter your passcode when prompted.

reset network settings iphone

10. Send As SMS Instead of iMessage

If iMessage still doesn’t work, you can try sending the message as an SMS instead. You can also contact Apple Support to help you fix this problem and use SMS to communicate while you wait for a solution.

enable send as sms

11. Update iPhone to Latest iOS

You may also want to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version. This is another good way to remove system bugs that may be affecting the iMessages.

To install the latest iOS version, go to Settings > General and tap on “Software Update”. Then click on “Download and Install’ to begin the update process.

update iphone

12. Factory Reset Your iPhone (Data Loss)

If all else fails, factory resetting your iPhone may work. But it is important to note that this will erase all data and settings on your device. Therefore, you’d better make a backup before attempting this solution.

  • Open the Settings app and choose “General.”
  • Choose “Reset” and then tap on “Erase All Contents and Settings.”
  • Enter your passcode and confirm you want to erase your device.

erase all content and settings iphone

When the device restarts, check to see if you can send the message.

13. Best Fix for iMessage Needs to Be Enabled

If you don’t want to lose the data on your iPhone when you attempt to fix the problem, we recommend using Fucosoft iOS System Recovery. This is a professional iOS repair tool that can fix most iOS system issues including this one without affecting the data on the device.

Key Features of Fucosoft iOS System Recovery;

  • Allows you to enter and exit recovery mode in a single click for FREE.
  • Fix most iOS system issues including iPhone stuck on the Apple logo, black screen, or when apps and features on the device will not work as expected.
  • Resolve all iOS system problems without causing data loss on the device.
  • Downgrade the version of iOS running on your device without having to jailbreak the iPhone.
  • Supports all iPhone devices and iOS versions, including the newest iPhone 14/13/12 and iOS 16/15.


Here’s how to fix this iMessage problem without causing data loss;

Step 1: Install Fucosoft iOS System Recovery onto your computer. Open it and click “Start” to repair the device without data loss.

tenorshare reiboot

Step 2: Use a USB/Lightning cable to plug in the iPhone to your computer. Once the device is connected, tap on “Standard Repair” to continue.

standard repair

If the program is unable to detect the connected device, follow the onscreen instructions to enter DFU/Recovery mode.

recovery mode

Step 3: The next step is to select the firmware version that is most suitable for your device. Choose one and then click “Download” to get the firmware needed.

download firmware

Step 4: Once the download is complete, the program will start to fix the device. In a few minutes, the iPhone will restart and back to normal mode.

start standard repair

The Bottom Line

The solutions above can all be used to fix the “Cannot Send Message iMessage needs to be enabled to send this message” problem on your iPhone. Let us know in the comments section if this article has been useful to you.