15 Best Football Streaming Sites to Watch Soccer Live 2022

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Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport across the globe and now many online service offer live streaming of football games. Are you a football fan and looking for the best site to watch live football match on the internet? We are here to solve your problems. In this article, we’ve collected some of the best football streaming sties where you watch your favorite team’s matches.

This list covers 15 live football streaming sites, based on various aspects like the availability of games, streaming quality and speed, etc. Now browse through the list, select your favorite website and start watching soccer online free.

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1. WatchESPN

When it comes to live football streaming sites, without doubt, one of the best places where you can watch soccer online free is on the official website of EPSN sports. You already be knowing about ESPN, they have a global website where you can enjoy almost any sports including soccer or football online.

When you head over to the site, you will see all the information about sports. You can simply select the game that you want to watch and hit enter. Then live telecast will begin.

best football streaming site

2. Sony LIV

Sony LIV is another great sports channel that you can quickly tune in to watch soccer online free. The website’s interface is somewhat similar to EPSN and in the same way, you will get the same feeling of watching your favorite games.

If you want to watch the live telecast with the least amount of delay. You need to choose a sports channel. After ESPN, if you are looking for the best football streaming sites, Sony LIV gets the next rank. Therefore, you can surely take a look at this site to know more about it.

best football streaming site

3. Hotstar

Most of the people will already be familiar with Hotstar, a popular online streaming website that has many shows that you can watch. Along with all the shows and series, it is also one of the best football streaming sites that you can take a look at.

They have their own sports section where you can see anything that’s going on. You can download their app if you are looking for something easier to use and faster to load. On the plus side, you can also watch any other series or movies that are available.

best football streaming site

4. Stream2Watch

Stream2watch is great platform where you can easily watch soccer online free. The website has been on the internet for ages and becomes one of the top live football streaming sites that you can go with. However, in some countries, you will not be able to access this website.

Therefore, you will have to find another alternative over here. Don’t worry, if the website is not accessible in your country, you can surely check out other options and choose one of the websites from there.

best football streaming site

5. SportRAR

SportRAR is the best channel if you do not want any other extra things and just want to watch the stream. When you open the website, you need to select the game from the top menu. By default, football is selected.

Hence, you don’t need to select or change anything if you want to watch football. You will directly see the full list of the live matches that you can watch directly on the homepage. It is easy to navigate and you can surely choose one from it.

best football streaming site

6. Cricfree

The tagline of Cricfree says it all. It is known as the home of streaming. You can stream the sports event. It becomes one of the best live football streaming sites for many reasons. You can see the direct time zone where the games are played.

From the top menu, you can select the sport that you want. There are symbols given over here instead of directly giving out the names. You will easily know the symbol when you open the website. Hence, there is nothing to worry about it. The website is very easy to navigate and you can easily stream from here.

best football streaming site

7. Laola1

The URL of Laola1 is a little hard to remember and therefore, some people don’t prefer this website. However, others bookmark it. You can surely do as per your convenience. It is one of the best football streaming sites where you can watch your favorite game show.

They have a dark theme where you can also choose from the various portal. By default, it will be set as international. You can surely choose whichever you want. In the same way, there are certain language options for you to choose form.

best football streaming site

8. Streamwoop.tv

If you are looking for some live football streaming free online, you can also head over to Streamwoop. It looks the best but the main problem for most of the people is the loading time. As the website uses a greater number of images, it will take more time to load.

As a result, some people don’t prefer this website. If you have a good internet connection, you can surely go with this website as here you will get an amazing look and feel. Whereas, there are also other options available.

best football streaming site

9. First Row Sports

First Row Sports, the name says it all. Here, you can get the best feel just like you watch football offline. In the same way, you can also view the live scores if you are not more into live streaming. The live scores are updated frequency and you can also hit the reload button to refresh the scores.

In most of the cases, it will change automatically. Also, you can watch Soccer online free in HQ streams. You can use the reload stream button if for some reason you are not able to see the stream. It will update all the streaming links.

best football streaming site

10. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is not only the best site to watch live football free online, but also here you can get all the sports news. It is not all about football or soccer, you can get all the news and many other things that you don’t know about your favorite sports.

Moreover, you see live sports along with the live scores. If you are not interested in the live streaming, live score section will help you out wherever you need. Therefore, you can also go with that. So, make sure you check out Sky sports.

best football streaming site

11. Live TV

Live TV is a special live TV where you can see all the sports game streaming. Whether you are a fan of football, soccer, ice hockey or any other games, you will surely find whatever you are looking for over here. There are all the options given directly on the homepage. You can choose the game and stream directly.

The website is not hard to navigate and you will easily find what you are looking for. Live TV website is not available for some countries. However, you can still watch it as they also have a channel on their Reddit account.

best football streaming site

12. Reddit

Reddit is mostly popular for memes and other discussions. Recently, they also launched live streaming. It means that the users can live stream whatever they want. With this, you can also watch Live TV whenever you want.

They have a live TV section where you will find a bunch of links to live football streaming shows. All you have to do is choose one of the football game that you want to watch and there you are.

best football streaming site

13. Fox Sports

If you are looking for the best live football streaming site, you surely would have heard about Fox Sports. It is an ultimate platform where you can not only watch soccer online free but also you can get all the news and other information about sports.

If you are a huge sports fan, you should always go with this website where you can also get the other pieces of information. In this way, you will always stay updated with what’s going on the sports section.

best football streaming site

14. Bosscast

Bosscast is another sports channel lives streaming platform. It is especially for the sports channel. In other words, there is no other live stream other than sports. The best advantage you will get in choosing such a website is that they will cover most of the games.

If you choose the live TV that has all the channels, they will only be able to cover a few of the games. Whereas, choosing the sports channel will cover them all. Therefore, Bosscast is one of the best options that you can keep with. They have mostly all the games for soccer that you can live stream.

best football streaming site

15. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is only about soccer. If you do not want to waste your time in choosing the game that you want to watch and directly watch live football streaming free online, here is something that you will love. Unlike most of the websites, this site is all about football.

Hence, as all the other options have been removed, you will have very few options to choose from. This makes the navigating really easy. Moreover, you will get a number of games to stream from as it will cover all the football and soccer games.

best football streaming site


To conclude, these are some of the best football streaming sites to watch soccer online. All these websites are for free and some of them will also provide you the news and other important things. You can surely check out all these websites and choose one thereafter.

Also, we suggest you bookmark this page. As in some cases, the game that you want to watch won’t be streaming on the website that you chose. In such cases, you can directly jump here back and choose another website to watch your favorite football matches.