11 Best Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile Phones [2022]

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Are you enjoy watching movies on the go? Then you surely will be looking for places to download free movies on mobile devices. As most of the website only works best on desktop, it is a bit difficult to find free movie download sites for mobile.

Therefore, we have gathered some of the best mobile movies download sites that you can visit to watch your favorite movies directly on your mobile phone. These websites are mobile-friendly and also allows movie downloading in different formats.

If you are still facing any problems in the download, you can surely scroll to the bottom and check our bonus section to download movies with third-party tool.

1. MyDownloadTube.tv

One of the best free movie download sites for mobile is MyDownloadTube.tv – a tube site where you can find all the movies. The name says it all and therefore, it doesn’t need more description. Here, you will find a free movie download option. Also, you can easily find all the popular movies directly on the slider menu of the home page.

If you want, you can directly choose from there. For the people who can’t find their favorite movie there, you can surely use the search bar to find your favorite movies. If you are not sure what to watch, you can also hover on the genre menu and select the genre that you want. You will get all the movies accordingly.

mobile movies download site

2. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive can be one of the best places if you want free movie download for mobile. Basically, Internet Archive is a backup of the entire internet. In other words, all the data that are stored on the internet can be found here. As the internet is big, it will take some more time to find the movies that you want.

However, if you use it correctly, it can be one of the best mobile movies download sites. Also, if you know a website where your favorite movie was available and that particular movie is deleted from that website, you can find it here. They have a way back machine which will fetch the old version of the website with all the data.

mobile movies download site

3. Antmovies.tv

Our next selection for the free movie download sites for mobile is Antmovies.tv. It has been on the internet for a very long time now. No matter which movie you are looking for, you will surely find the movie here. The website has all the features that you need, such as you can find the movies using category option or you can simply search it.

The only disadvantage is that the website doesn’t load in some countries. Therefore, if you are one of them, you will have to find another website where you can find free movie download for mobile. You can surely use a VPN if you want to check out the website given below.

mobile movies download site

4. 123GoStream.tv

123GoStream is one of the few mobile movies download sites where you can stream the movies. Yes, as the name says, 123GoStream will let you stream the movies if you want and also download it. There are various direct categories to choose from.

Along with this, when you are watching the movie, you can also select the quality of the movie. Please note that streaming and downloading will use almost the same amount of data. So, you can either stream the movie or you can download it, there isn’t any big difference that you will notice in any of them. You can do as per your wish.

mobile movies download site

5. MovieNoLimit.to

There are always certain limits in some of the free movie download sites for mobile. Some websites will only let you stream in a certain quality. Whereas, some will only let you stream for a limited time. It will show sever time out or similar error. Here, MovieNoLimit is to overcome all of these problems. Here, you will get free movie download for mobile without any limits.

However, the problem here is similar. In some countries, the website won’t work very well as expected. Hence, you will have to go with another movie website. Don’t’ worry, we still have a list going on.

mobile movies download site

6. 1337x Torrent Movies

No matter how cool movie downloads websites are, the torrent will always be considered on the top. Therefore, here is a torrent movie website that you can visit if you wish to get a movie download free. 1337x also known as Leetx is one of the famous websites from which you can download all the movies.

There are a lot of movies available in all the language and all the genres. You can surely get all the movies from here no matter which language you want to watch your movie. However, as it is a torrent website, you will need to download a torrent client in order to get the movies.

mobile movies download site

7. DIVX Crawler

DIVX is for the people who are looking for DVD movies download. There are many formats available when you download a movie. You can easily choose from various given options. Among them, DVD formats are popular among some people due to the low space. DIVX Crawler is the best free movie download sites for mobile if you are looking for such movies.

You will find all the movies in many formats here that you can use. Basically, it is just a crawler that will fetch all the information from the sources and then present you the DVD links. There are many available options for you to choose from. You can go with any movies that you want.

mobile movies download site

8. MobileMovies.me

Nowadays, most of people prefer watching movies on mobile. Along with this, they are also looking for some of the websites that can help them to get free movie download for mobile. Mobile Movies are a perfect alternative if you want a responsive design that will load on any mobile device.

They have a number of movies from which you can download the one that you like. The collection consists of movies across various language and also from all the categories or genres. In this way, if you are looking for mobile movies download sites, you should also take a look at Mobile Movies. You can watch and also download the movies using this website.

mobile movies download site

9. FullMovieMovie

FullMovieMobile is also perfect for mobile phone and hence it is also given a proud spot in our list of free movie download sites for mobile. It has millions of free movies suitable for mobile resolution that you can watch anytime. The website also allows you to download movies in any quality that you want.

Therefore, you can surely take a look at this website. When you open the website, at first you will see the list of all the trending movies. When you scroll down, you will see some of the categories from which you can select the language or you can select the genre of the language. Moreover, there is a search option to help you out in case you are not able to find something.

mobile movies download site

10. FZMovies

FZMovies is one of the oldest free movie download sites for mobile. People have been using this website for the past many years. The best thing about FZMovies is that it uses the minimum amount of data when you are watching the movies and at the same time, it provides far better quality. Hence, people prefer this website on any other website.

If you have a limited or metered internet connection and want to watch quality movies from your mobile phone, you can go with FZMovies. The user interface is simple and quite intuitive, you will first see all the categories from which you can select the movie that you want to watch or you can go to the categories section at the bottom. The website runs smoothly in mobile phone with average net connection also.

mobile movies download site


Our last choice that you can go with is FMovies. If you haven’t yet selected any of the websites from the above-given list, you need to go with this particular one. FMovies has millions of movies for you to choose from. The user interface is simple and extremely easy to navigate. The best part about the website is that there are very few ads.

You can surely stream the movie that you want or you can even download the movies. Therefore, it is on our list. There are categories and genres which will cover the top movies. Just like every other website, you can surely use the search bar to find the movie that you like. Moreover, if you don’t like this one, you can choose anyone from the above given full list.

mobile movies download site

Bonus: Download Mobile Videos

Here is our list of best free movie download sites for mobile devices. All these websites help ou to download free movies in different formats. However, in case you have any problems in using these websites, you can try Fucosoft Video Downloader. It is another great option to download online movies from any video streaming sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.

Moreover, it can convert videos into more than 1000 formats and transfer the videos to your iPhone or Android device. The best part about the tool is that it takes very less amount of time in doing the whole process. Follow the steps below:


  1. Navigate to the website to search for the movie you’d like to download, open it to copy its URL.
  2. Run Fucosoft Video Converter and click “Download” section in the top, then click “+ Paste URL” to paste the link of the movie.
  3. In the popup window, choose your desired format and resolution, then click “Download” to start downloading the movie.
  4. Click “Transfer” section in the top and connect your mobile to the computer. Go to Download section to locate the movie, then click “Add to Transfer”.

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To conclude, these are some of the best mobile movies download sites from which you can download your favorite movies. If one of these websites are not accessible in your country, you can surely try another.

Also, if you found a website but you are only allowed to stream the movie there, you can use our bonus software – Fucosoft Video Downloader. Using the tool, you can easily download any video. Please note that all these websites are also accessible on your desktop. So, if you want, you can even watch movies from your computer.