15 Best Sites to Download Subtitles for Your Movies in 2022

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Subtitles are important for any movies or TV shows. Not only for the people who are watching foreign films, but also for better understanding what the actor is saying. Thanks to subtitles, you can get a better viewing experience.

The question is, where to get subtitles for a movie or TV show? You’ve come to the right place. We are here with some of the subtitle download sites using which you can easily download subtitles for your videos.  

Browsing through the whole list and choose one of the best sties to download subtitles in English, French, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

Once the subtitles have been downloaded, you can rely on Fucosoft Video Downloader to add subtitles to the video and convert the video to any format of your choice.

1. Subscene

One of the best sites to download subtitles is Subscene. You can easily find subtitles of any movies or TV show over here. When you go to the homepage, you will already see some of the most popular shows and their direct link to the subtitles.

So, if you are also watching some new and most popular shows, you don’t even have to go deep in the website. There will be direct link which you can use. It will save you time. You can also download subtitles in any language using this website.

subtitles download site

2. DivX Subtitles

DivX Subtitles is one of the oldest websites for people who are looking for subtitles download sites. Its classic look attracts many people, however, many people choose not to visit this website due to the same reason. So, if you want some amazing classic design website, you should surely check out this website.

Apart from looks, they have all the latest movie as well as TV show subtitle files. There are many regular uploaders who use this website to upload the subtitles. You can see the list of latest subtitles files directly in the home page.

subtitles download site

3. OpenSubtitles

You surely would know about Opensubtitels. It is one of the biggest sites to download subtitles. You will find most of the subtitles directly on the homepage. Yes, you won’t even have to go to the second page or search for anything.

They have various list that you can check out. In other words, they have latest uploads, popular uploads, weekly popular, monthly popular, and many more list. Each of the lists has enough subtitles to search. You will mostly find the one that you are looking for directly from here.

subtitles download site

4. Subtitle Seeker

Our next choice that you can go with is Subtitle Seeker. Unlike most of the websites, this is a blog kind website and therefore, you will get all the subtitle files in the post. The latest blog posts always listed on the top and hence you can easily find the latest subtitles files.

However, if you are looking for the other srt files. You will need to use the search bar. You won’t find too old movies’ subtitles files here as this is a blog and comes with some limits. One can’t post all the files and hence you won’t find all the files over here.

subtitles download site

5. TVsubtitles.net

The name says it all. Till now, all the sites to download subtitles were best to download movie subtitles. However, for the people who prefer TV shows and series more than movies, TVsubtitles is for you.

Here, you will find the top most download list directly on the home page. Also, there is a top list to find some of the latest files that are uploaded on the website. You can easily find all the seasons’ subtitles of any TV show over here.

Also, all the files are available in mostly all the language. You will find more than one subtitles files for each language. If you want to download TV show subtitles, whether it is a direct show or a series, you should keep this website as a first priority.

subtitles download site

6. SubsMax

Submax is the best alternative for people who are not looking for the latest movies. When you open the website, you will directly find a search bar that you can use to search for any movies that you want. You can directly download the movie subtitles in any language.

Moreover, there are also certain filters that you can use to search on this website. For example, if you don’t want cams movies subtitles, you can directly filter it out. In the same way, you can search for particular episodes or language. Make sure you check their “how to search” section. It has all the information you need to get started with using filters and more.

subtitles download site

7. Movie Subtitles

The name says it all. Here, you will find all the subtitle files for all the movies. If you are looking for some of the best sites to download subtitles, you should check out Movie Subtitles. There is a quick navigation menu that you can check out.

The updates and the news section aren’t updated since years but they somehow provide all the subtitles that you want. You can also quickly browse through some of the subtitles using their easy navigation. They have their own search bar as well as one Google powered search bar that you can use to find subtitles download sites.

subtitles download site

8. English Subtitles for Divx Movies

Divx is one of the most used formats when it comes to movies. When you watch any movies from DVD, you will get a different format. Therefore, in such cases, you can directly use the DivX subtitle file to match the video settings.

The website name – English Subtitles for Divx Movies – says it all, you can easily get whatever subtitles that you are looking for. However, there are only English subtitles available. So, if you are looking for any other language, you need to go with a different website.

subtitles download site

9. YIFY Subtitles

YIFY already has a great name due to one of the similar torrent websites that are running for years. There is a similar website for subtitles. Here, you will find all the subtitle that you want. The one best reason why people love YIEF Subtitles is that there are almost never issues with timing and sync.

Therefore, most of the people will prefer this website than any other website. They are always on time and you can directly add the subtitles whenever you want. You will find most of the links to popular shows directly on the home page. You can surely use the search button to get the rest of it.

subtitles download site

10. Addic7ed

Addicted written in Leet language surely looks cool, so is the website. When you first open Addic7ed, you will see the language selection option right on the top. You can select the language from there. In the same way, you can search for the subtitles that you want.

However, when it comes to disadvantages, the one biggest disadvantage that you will get here is the account creation. Some of the pages are not directly accessible and you will have to log in to access those pages. Most of the people will prefer direct download website.

subtitles download site


M4UFREE is also one of the alternative subtitles download sites. You will find all the subtitle files over here. However, the biggest issue with this website is that it is not active in some countries. You will have to use VPN in order to access this website.

Therefore, this website doesn’t have much popularity as other does. The only reason for this is because of less accessibility. So, if you are able to access this website, you can surely get subtitles from here.

There are many subtitle files that you can download. Moreover, if you are looking for multi-language subtitle, you will get all the languages here.

subtitles download site

12. Isubtitles

Isubtitels is an org website where you will get mostly all the subtitles. For the people who are looking for old movie’s subtitles download sites, this is something that you will love. There are many old movies lover over here who are constantly updating the website with old movies subtitles.

Therefore, you can easily find all the movies over here. They have a showcase of some of the movies’ subtitles that are recently updated. However, this list is changing very fast and there are very few chances that you will find one of the movies that you are looking for.

subtitles download site

13. SRTSubtitle

Now, if you are looking for some of the best sites to download subtitles in multiple languages, SRTSubtitle is something for you. Here, you can not only choose from the various language of the subtitles but also the website itself is available in many languages.

When you enter the website URL and open it, you can easily choose from various language. There are some of the privacy settings that you need to accept when you access the website. Once you are on the website, you can easily find the subtitles from home page list or you can search it.

subtitles download site

14. Subtitles.hr

If you are looking for quick downloads without navigating through various links and pages, there is something for you. Here, on Subtitles.hr, you will get all the subtitles directly. All you have to do is find the movie or TV show that you are looking for and click on the download button to get the subtitle file. In this way, you can easily download the subtitle.

Moreover, if you want to download subtitles in a different language, you can surely click on the tab that you see right after it. When you click on it, you can easily download the subtitles file in other language other than English.

subtitles download site

15. Subdivx

Our last choice is also for the people who are looking for Divx format. Unlike most of the website, Subdivx will open in the Spanish language by default. Therefore, for the people who love the Spanish language can surely take a look at this website. You will find some of the most popular subtitles directly on the home page just like every other website.

In the same way, you can use the search button if you want to get something else. Even though the main homepage is in Spanish, you can find subtitle for all the languages over here. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the subtitle language and you can visit this website if you want to download subtitles.

subtitles download site

Bonus: How to Add Subtitles to Movies

For the people who already know how to add subtitles to movies should also see this section. Once you download subtitles, you need to add it to the movie or the video that you are watching. Surely, many of the people directly attach the subtitles using the options in the player. But no one likes to add subtitles every time they watch it, right?

Therefore, you can use Fucosoft Video Downloader. It comes with advanced video editing functions with which you can quickly add subtitles to video. You are able to edit the font style, size, color of subtitles. Morever, you can position it as per your wish and also increase the transparency.


Follow steps below to add subtitles to video:

  1. Download, install and run Fucosoft Video Converter on your computer. Click “+ Add Files” to import the video file that you need adding subtitles.
  2. Go to the editing window by clicking the editing icon under the video thumbnail, click the Subtitle tab in the top. Then import the subtitles you have downloaded to the program.
  3. Choose the font color, size, style for the subtitle and adjust the subtitle transparency and position as you like, then click “OK” to save all changes.
  4. Now choose a output format and click “Convert” to begin converting. When the conversion is completed, you will get the video with subtitles.

add subtitle to video


To summarize, these are some of the best sites to download subtitles. If you are looking for sites to download subtitles, you should choose one from this list. We have taking all the things into consideration such as the availability of subtitles, language, etc.

Along with this, there are many other factors that matter. You will surely find your favorite movie or TV show subtitles from one of these sites. Moreover, please note that some of these websites will only have the subtitle of movies whereas some of them will consist of both films and TV series. Just bookmark your favorite site to download subtitles for your videos.