Top 10 Websites to Download Korean Dramas for Free in 2022

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With the K-pop wave in Asia and other countries all over the world, people have been binge-watching Korean dramas more than ever. The different vibe, aesthetics, and refreshing storylines of these dramas have taken the world by storm.

Therefore, people are always in search of a stable and constantly updating website that they can use to watch and download Korean dramas for free. There are many online services available to view and download Korean dramas, the top 10 websites have been listed below.

Top 1. Rakuten VIKI

best korean drama websites

Rakuten Viki is one of the most reliable sources for watching Korean Dramas conveniently. It has a clean user interface and recommendations for the viewers based on the new shows.

It is arguably one of the best websites you will find on the internet, with endless Korean drama resources available to all users for free. On this portal, many Korean shows give free episodes, however, some do require membership.

You may also sign up for frequent updates on this website so that you will be the first to know when a new series is released.

Viki has a feature that is particularly useful for Korean students. It allows viewers to search for shows based on subtitle language, allowing them to find episodes with their preferred subtitling scheme.


  • It has a large variety of shows.
  • The episodes update as soon as they are available for streaming on the internet.
  • The subtitles are synced properly and available for almost every show.
  • You can sign up and get updates on the shows.


  • Some dramas will require membership which is paid.
  • The ads are played within the episodes and cannot be skipped most of the time.

Top 2. MyDramaList

best korean drama websites

MyDramaList is solely dedicated to allowing you to watch Korean dramas online and download episodes for free. Some episodes can be downloaded, though you will have to watch the other online most of the time.

To begin streaming on the site without restriction, all you have to do is make an account using your email address and a password.


  • It comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • It keeps updating the episodes and latest shows, so users can quickly find new Korean dramas.
  • It is a safe website to download Korean dramas, no malware or virus.


  • You can download some dramas but for some others, this option is not available. You will have to stream them online.

Top 3. KissAsian

best korean drama websites

KissAsian is another website that provide Korean dramas for free. It provides endless Korean, Chinese, and other Asian dramas that can be viewed and downloaded. Any user can view and stream the shows with an active internet connection.

To download any episode, you will have to create an account with your email ID. It does not require any subscription to download or watch the dramas.

The variety of Korean, Chinese, and Thailand based dramas has attracted a huge fan base for this website. The ads are in form of pop-ups and sidebars, the episodes can be played seamlessly without interruption.


  • The shows are categorized based on their genre and their popularity.
  • The episodes are updated regularly.
  • The subtitles are well synced and available after a day of the release of that episode.
  • The episodes can be downloaded without any subscription.


  • The ads and pop-ups can be a little bothersome.

Top 4. DramaCool

best korean drama websites

DramaCool is without a doubt one of the most interesting websites for Korean and Japanese drama series. Because this website was only recently founded, it is unable to supply you with older series that was released years ago.

If you want to stream the most recent Korean drama releases, this website is the best alternative on this list for you. The interface is user-friendly, and people usually opt for this web page for watching Korean shows.


  • The dramas are regularly updated when they are released.
  • The interface is clean and user-friendly.
  • Korean and Japanese dramas are both available.


  • It is a newer website so the older dramas and series are not available for streaming.

Top 5.

best korean drama websites

Another one of the most famous Korean drama websites is For its services, it is regarded as one of the top Korean drama websites. This website allows you to watch any Korean drama online.

It also offers an excellent user-friendly interface and layout that is simple to explore. This stunning design entices visitors and makes searching a comfortable task.

Additionally, you can download an application from the website. It keeps you up to speed on the latest Korean drama series. Other dramas like Japanese, Chinese, etc. are also available to watch and stream online.


  • The dramas are categorized into many categories for users.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • The episodes are updated regularly.
  • Featured shows are recommended as well.
  • There are fewer ads on the web page and in the episodes.

Top 6. DramaBeans

best korean drama websites

Dramabeans is another website that has been encountered because it has a lot of newly filmed Korean dramas. The latest Korean dramas on this website, as well as the enticing comments for the freshly released drama, keep the users glued to it.

However, you will not be able to watch or download Korean dramas directly from this website. You can still consider it the top Korean drama free download site because video downloader is available.


  • The dramas are updated regularly.
  • The comments of the users are refreshing and enticing.
  • The interface is user friendly.


  • You cannot directly download the episodes, a downloader on the side is available.

Top 7. Dramago

best korean drama websites

Dramago is another fantastic website for browsing and searching for the best Korean dramas. This service allows users to search for the most popular and highly popular dramas, which saves time.

DramaGo is particularly well-known for its extensive collection of Korean dramas on its homepage. The dramas are categorized on the top bar based on the country of origin.


  • The updated episodes are available for streaming regularly.
  • Categories make it easier to search and find any drama.


  • The interface is a bit bland.
  • The pop-up ads cover the entire screen which is annoying.

Top 8. NewAsianTV

best korean drama websites

NewAsianTV is one of the most user-friendly websites for free Korean drama downloads. As the name implies, it contains all of the dramas and films produced by Asian countries. This website has Korean, Japanese, and Chinese content.

This Korean drama website has a user-friendly interface. This site allows you to effortlessly search for a variety of dramas. On this website, however, there is one difficulty that you may encounter. It is not available in all countries; you must check to see if it is available in yours.


  • The web page is very user friendly.
  • The content is updated regularly.
  • All the Asian dramas content is available to stream.


  • It is not available in every country.

Top 9. Dramanice

best korean drama websites

Dramanice provides high-definition streaming of Korean dramas. Because of its attractive layout, browsing the homepage is a pleasurable experience. The pink and white page layout can readily capture the attention of visitors.

Various Korean dramas, as well as subtitled videos, are available on the site. Simply use this site’s search function to find the dramas you’re looking for. The interface is attractive and the icons for every new update in the drama capture the eyes instantly.

It also features other Asian content including Chinese dramas. You can stream these dramas with an active internet connection.


  • The interface is very attractive and eye-catching.
  • The dramas are updated regularly and the updates are visible on the home page.
  • It features a large variety of Asian content.
  • It shows the upcoming dramas and the remaining time in a separate tab.


  • The category fonts are attractive but can be a little hard on the eyes.

Top 10. Sojuoppa

best korean drama websites

Every day, a large number of Korean drama serials are published on Sojuoppa. Other categories, such as movies and music dramas, are also available. The overall web page design is sleek and simple, allowing viewers to quickly watch or download their favorite videos.

SojuOppa is a simple and easy way to downloading any Korean or Asian drama episode. On the homepage, you may see the most recent episodes that are updated regularly. The interface is attractive and user-friendly.


  • The interface is quite attractive and eye-catching.
  • The dramas are updated regularly and the updates are visible on the home page.
  • It also features a wide range of Asian content.
  • It has fewer ads on the home page, unlike other websites.


  • The dramas are only categorized based on the countries.

FAQs for Korean Drama Websites

Why are Korean dramas so popular?

The Korean dramas have brought a refreshing change to the usual American or other English Seasons and their formats. Mostly one-seasoned dramas, quickly develop the storyline and wrap it up in a maximum of 20 episodes. So people enjoy binge-watching these shows.

What to do if Korean drama site is blocked?

There are many alternate websites to watch a Korean drama if one of the websites has been blocked. These sites do not work with a VPN connection so if the website is blocked, ensure that the VPN is disabled. If one site is not working, you can always stream your favorite shows on any other site as listed above.

Why are many Korean drama websites shutting down?

Many websites are shutting down due to copyright issues. Some of these websites are sued for copyright infringement and they have to shut down websites due to these reasons. However, these websites change their domains and start functioning in no time.

Where to download Korean drama’s English subtitles for free?

You can download Korean dramas on the websites like, Kissaian, Viki, Netflix, or instead of subscribing to each website separately, you can get Fucosoft Video Downloader and simply paste the video link of the episode you want to download.

Is it legal to download and watch Korean dramas?

The websites that have posted these dramas are in accordance with the copyrights of the owners. That is why not all the videos have the download links with them. Wherever available, you can download these videos to watch for later. The legality and illegality apply to the hosting website.

The Bottom Line

There are a number of alternate options that can be accessed to stream and enjoy Korean and other Asian dramas. These web pages have a lot of other features like recommendations and search options.

Downloading these episodes can be a hassle but having a common downloader like Fucosoft Video Downloader that works for all these websites is a good option. You can simply paste the link of the video regardless of the hosting website and download your favorite episodes.