Top 15 Alternatives to CricFree to Watch Live Sports in 2022

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Sports enthusiasts around the world should know CricFree, one of the best websites for watching live sports online. However, the creators of CricFree have now taken down the website. This may have happened due to copyrights or website issues, the exact cause remains unknown.

This has highly affected the viewers of sports and the followers of the website. People have to look for alternate options to watch live sports. This article will list the top 15 alternatives to CricFree. Sites like CricFree that offer online sports streaming have been listed below for users to choose from.

1. Fox Sport

cricfree alternative

The top advantages of watching sports on the Fox Sports site are the following;

  • It is free of cost and supports replays.
  • It has variable streaming qualities available.
  • It has a huge fan following which means tons of satisfied clients.
  • It has a variety of sports and is constantly updating the contents.
  • It is best if you are looking for American Sports.

Fox Sports is the official site of Fox TV. You can use this website to watch all of your favorite sports depending on the location you are accessing the website from. After logging in to the website, users can choose from one of the three playing options; Live TV, Highlights, and Replay.

The website services are free of cost and the streamers can enjoy several features along with live sports. You can also filter the sports from the categories of live, upcoming, and featured. Fox Sports is a great alternate to CricFree in every aspect.

2. Sky Sports

cricfree alternative

Sky Sports is another great alternative to CricFree when it comes to watching sports online. It has the following perks;

  • It offers a huge variety of sports.
  • The website is constantly updating its contents.
  • It provides the latest sports news.
  • You can check the scores of any missed games.

Sky Sports allows you to stream any of your favorite live sports on the website with an active internet connection. The sports that can be watched include all kinds of football, F1 races, and motorsports, etc.

The website has a scores section as well for the users to catch up to the missed matches if they are too lazy to watch the highlights.

A downside to Sky Sports is that it has paid plan for the users. Other than that, it is a one-stop-shop for all the sports preferences of the users.

3. LiveTV

cricfree alternative

LiveTV, as the name suggests, will let you stream live games at any time you want. It has the following advantages;

  • It is free of cost and comes with a wide range of sports to choose from.
  • It includes Radio along with Video streaming options.
  • The website constantly updates the contents.

LiveTV is a completely free streaming site where you can watch all your favorite sports along with some great review videos of the matches that you may have missed.

Not only can you watch the highlights, the reviews, and the live matches, the website will also provide you with statistics about the game which are interesting and informative at the same time.

The radio feature of the website is a new one and enjoyed by the users and viewers of the site. People enjoy on-the-go telecasts of their favorite games while they’re driving or in the middle of their work.

You can watch, stream and listen to your favorite games at one place on LiveTV. The only drawback is that users outside the UK will need a VPN to access the LiveTV services.

4. Stream2Watch

cricfree alternative

Stream2Watch is another efficient alternative to CricFree to watch and enjoy your favorite sports. It has the following perks;

  • It is free of cost.
  • Live to a stream of games.
  • Live topics and discussions about the games and tournaments.
  • It has leagues like German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, etc.
  • A Livescores widget lets you look at the scores of ongoing games.

Stream2Watch has a huge fan base due to all the features that it offers along with the free-of-cost live streaming of all the games. People can view and enjoy multiple topics and discussions about a certain game and check the progress and statistics of the ongoing games and tournaments as well.

It also includes the gaming leagues that are very famous with sports enthusiasts. The website includes a widget that can let you see the live scores of the games for free. You can watch the game as well as get updates on the scoring as well.

5. VIPBox

cricfree alternative

VIPBox is another option if you cannot get your hands on the CricFree site. It comes with the following advantages;

  • It is a free cost site for streaming the games.
  • Its interface is modern and user-friendly.
  • The tools that come with the site are informative.
  • It is easy to understand and use overall.

VIPBox has a friendly user interface and the users who engage with the site have great feedbacks. The look and modern vibes of the site give the users a seamless experience.

The website does not only focus on a good user experience in terms of the interface, it provides all the features the users come looking for.

There is a variety of sports choices to choose from, the links and webpages that the website links out its data to, all work correctly and are timely updated as well. The clock feature for the game reminder is an add-on and helps people keep a track of all the games they will be watching.

6. Strikeout

cricfree alternative

Strikeout is one of the great alternatives of CricFree if you are an enthusiastic fan of American Sports. It has the following advantages;

  • You can stream live matches for free.
  • You can see the games of all the American leagues like NBA, MLB, NFL, etc.
  • The college games of American basketball and football can also be streamed.
  • The pay-per-view events of the WWE can also be viewed on the site.

The American-based professional sports leagues are a highlight of the website. The website shows all the American games and shows like WWE as well. You can stream American football and basketball as well. The website also premiers the college games of football and basketball.

You can check the progress and statistics of any of your favorite teams simply by typing in the team name and searching for it. You can also check the schedule of the matches of the teams and follow up on the upcoming matches.

7. Sportp2p

cricfree alternative

Sportp2p is another famous alternative to the CricFree site. It has some great features, include the following;

  • It is free and has an efficient user interface.
  • It has a great fan base due to amazing feedback.
  • It is user friendly and easy to use.
  • Comes with great tools and statistics for sports analysis.

Sportp2p is one of the best alternatives to CricFree as it comes with a bunch of great features. This site provides free-of-cost services to its users and comes with a great user interface. Its website is easy to use and has features that stand out.

The website provides streaming links for all the games which are functional and constantly updating. The users have great feedback for the webpage as it also provides informative statistics about the games.

8. FirstRow Sports

cricfree alternative

FirstRow Sports is one of the longest-running websites for sports streaming and the reason for its long life is its efficiency and great service. It has the following advantages;

  • It provides live streaming of sports for free.
  • It comes with the XBMC extension that allows you to run it on android.
  • It is supported by web browsers as well.
  • It is a long-running site with a huge fan base.

FirstRow Sports comes with all the features one would want from a sports streaming website. It has also added the XBMC add on which allows you to access the site from any device, be it an android or a web browser. You can view the live scores of the matches on the go.

The website has separate categories for every game, like football, tennis, rugby, and ice hockey, etc. You can click on these categories the view the games of a certain category only.

A list of live ongoing games is displayed on the home page and the users can simply click on the desired game to stream it live.


cricfree alternative

ATDHE is another effective alternative to the CricFree site, as it comes with a load of features for live sports streaming. It has the following advantages;

  • Lesser ads than the other streaming websites.
  • It is free and has a simple user interface.
  • Comes with tracking features and options.
  • Has a lot of satisfied viewers due to good services.

ATDHE is one of the best alternatives to CricFree due to its claim of lesser ads and a display of links that specifically suggests having lesser ads. It is a free streaming site where you can watch all kinds of sports from football to rugby.

It also comes with separate categories which have separate options for every game category. If you are looking for boxing, soccer, volleyball, and rugby all in one place then ATDHE is your one-stop-shop. It has a simple and effective user interface that provides all the features to the users.

10. SportStream

cricfree alternative

SportStream is a site like CricFree that does not come with any location restrictions which is rare in these streaming sites. It has these advantages;

  • It is free and comes with a simple user interface.
  • It has no location restriction for streaming sports.
  • It has an easy to use policy.
  • It provides multiple servers if one is not working.

SportStream is a famous alternative to CricFree as it does not come with any location restrictions whatsoever. It will allow you to access and stream the website wherever you are and watch your favorite games on the go.

The simple interface of the website attracts users who cannot work with very complex systems. The website offers multiple links for the games that you can watch.

It also offers multiple servers to choose from on the home page in case your current server is not functional. SportStream comes with a simple yet easy and functional interface and lets you stream the games you like efficiently.

11. BossCast

cricfree alternative

BossCast is another great alternative to CricFree that is free of cost and lets you stream your favorite sports. It has the following advantages;

  • It has a wide range of games to stream from.
  • The previous games are recorded and can be replayed on the site.
  • Live chat for discussion with other viewers.

BossCast comes with all the games users can stream live and has a wide range of options to choose from. It also allows users to replay a certain game that has been recorded in a time zone so you can watch any game at any time you like.

The live chat allows you to discuss the ongoing games with other sports enthusiasts and get more information about the game. The website also comes with a schedule of all the upcoming games so the viewers can keep up with the schedule of the matches.

12. ScoresinLive

cricfree alternative

ScoresinLive allows you to stream any game you want for free. It has the following main advantages;

  • It shows the live scores of the most recent matches on the home page.
  • Live score of ongoing matches displayed in a pop-up bar.
  • The display and interface is very user friendly.
  • You can manage the display according to your preference.

ScoresinLive allows you to check the scores of all the recent matches right on the home page. As soon as you launch the website, you can see the scoring and schedule of the ongoing and the upcoming matches. It also allows you to manage the display according to your own preference.

The pop-up bar feature for the live score in online matches is great and lets you keep up with multiple matches at the same time.

13. FuboTV

cricfree alternative

FuboTV is another great alternative to CricFree that allows live streaming of sports at any time. It has the following advantages;

  • It is free of cost and offers a wide range of games
  • A seamless experience.

FuboTV is a free site that offers its users a seamless experience and a wide variety of games to choose from. However, the drawback of this site is that it is mainly based in America and cannot be accessed from other locations.

14. Sport365.Live

cricfree alternative is a streaming site that will let you view all kinds of sports. It has the following advantages;

  • Safe to use website.
  • Free of cost.
  • Offers a variety of games.
  • Has a simple user interface.

Although the website comes with lot of ads, you can view all kinds of sports from cricket to football to WWE. The website has a simple interface and the user can simply click on any of the ongoing matches and stream it live.

The separate categories of the games are also available on the side to choose from. It is a good alternative to CricFree that can be accessed from anywhere and streamed at any time.

15. SportLemon

cricfree alternative

SportLemon is the last but not the least recommendation for the best alternatives to CricFree. It has the following advantages;

  • It has a wide range of games.
  • It comes with match timings and schedules on the home page.
  • It has a simple and friendly user interface.

SportLemon can let you stream any of your favorite games from your location free of cost. It comes with a simple interface and users can scroll through the list of matches and choose their relevant match. It is a good alternative to CricFree that provides many features.


Here are the 15 best alternatives to CricFree that can be accessed to stream live sports. These sites come with great features and functions. Many of these are also free of cost. Most of these sites provide services worldwide so users can choose any of the above according to their preference.