Monster Hunter Now Player’s Guide: How to Level Up

Posted on October 9, 2023 - By Fucosoft | Follow YouTube, Twitter to Get More Information.

Mobile Hunter Now is a new game that a lot of mobile gamers have been waiting for. Released last September, it is a real-world role-playing action game where the players will need to fight and kill monsters. Overall, it is an amazing game that has created much hype.

monster hunter now

However, as it’s a new game, you might find it a bit tricky to level up in the game. However, worry not, as we will discuss some of the tips and strategies to do well in the Monster Hunter Now game. We will also share a trick on how to hunt unlimited monsters in the game. Let’s get started!

Monster Hunter Now Latest News

The Monster Hunter Now game was scheduled to launch in September globally. As the game is now available worldwide, you can play it from anywhere. All you need to do is to install it from PlayStore.

Even if you find the game unavailable in your region, you can change your location on PlayStore (to Canada, Singapore, Sweden, or Hong kong ) to download, install, and play Monster Hunter Now.

Monster Hunter Now Registration Bonus

Even before the release of the Monster Hunter Now game, the developers behind it, Niantic and Capcom, announced over 2 million individuals already pre-registered for the game.

If you have done the pre-registration, you might have received some rewards after the launch of the game. They offered special pre-order cosmetics and 500 prop boxes along with the prior rewards that were offered for certain milestones. Here is the breakdown of the rewards.

monster hunter now

  • Pre-registration milestone reaches 500000: 3 dye balls and 10 recovery potions.
  • Pre-registration milestone reaches 1 million: 3 magic pebbles and 3 founders medals.
  • Pre-registration milestone reaches 2 million: 2 special face paints for reservation and 500 item boxes.
  • Pre-registration milestone reaches 3 million: 2 special face paint for reservation and 3 double reward coupon.
  • Pre-registration milestone reaches 5 million: 10,000 ZENY coins and 500 items boxes.

Beginner Tips for Monster Hunter Now

The Monster Hunter Now game is comparable to Pokemon Go and other real-world games, where you can play on a real-world map and kill monsters as you walk. However, what makes it different is it is more like console-style action games where you can pick your weapon.

Below, you will find some of the effective tips to do well in the Monster Hunter Now game.

1. Diversify Your Armor Set

The progress in the Monster Hunter game is pretty slow. In fact, it is designed in this way so that you can come back every day to play. At each level, you have to collect a massive amount of Zenny and materials. We suggest you do it through armor pieces from various monsters, which spreads out the variations of materials you require.

Such as, for a full set of Jagras armor, you will require 5x Jagras materials to upgrade it. But you will require a lot less when you choose to use a combination of Jagras, Pukei, Kulu, etc. armor. This will enable you to upgrade armor more often with less effort.

2. Save Your Potions And Paintballs

It can be tempting to use the Paintballs and Potions, but it is recommended to try to use them as less as possible. They are very rare and should be only utilized when there are no other options. Instead, you can utilize the Palico Paintballs to tag the monsters and Fire-Aid Meds to heal. Moreover, you can also wait for your health to be regenerated by waiting. They require less effort compared to Potions and Paintballs, so it’s wise to use them more.

3. Experiment With Weapon Types

There are many variations of the weapons in the Monster Hunter Now game. In the beginning, you will have the Shield and Sword. To unlock more powerful weapons, you will have to keep playing with these until Chapter 2, where you will get Greatsword. And you will be receiving weapons like Bow, Hammer, Long Sword, and Light Bowgun at the Rank 15.

Once after unlock these weapons, you should craft some of them and understand their uses by playing with them. It is crucial to choose the right weapon in the game to do well. Moreover, having different types of weapons will assist you in targeting the weaknesses of the different monsters.

4. Prepare Carefully

Like any other game, it is crucial to prepare well for the Monster Hunt. As you level up in the game and try new chapters, you will have to deal with monsters that are more powerful and hard to beat. So, before working on the next star rating, you should check out the equipment you have. If you have been struggling to win the fight against monsters, it would be wise to upgrade the equipment. Without that, it might be hard to defeat the monsters in the next star level.

5. Gather Everything

In the game, you will require a variety of materials to make the required upgrade for your armor and weapons. You might be requiring the large monster parts more, but common items like Sharp Claws, Iron Ore, etc., are also required. So, don’t avoid these when you come across any item, whether it is big or small.

You can utilize your Palico to automatically gather the gathering nodes as you walk near them. However, when it comes to the small monsters, you will have to hunt them manually to get the materials. By attacking the small monsters, you can also increase your weapons SP gauge.

6. Target Weak Spots

Each of the monsters has a weak spot, and it is a good idea to target that spot to easily win against it. Not only does it become easier to win, but also it drops more materials. Moreover, you will get Lock on Skill when you craft and upgrade the Kulu Headpiece. With that, you can precisely attack a specific spot of the monster with a melee weapon.

One of the straightforward ways to earn materials in the game is by breaking the monster parts. When you do so, it will stagger the monster, which means you can perform extra hits before it can attack you again. It’s such a useful trick during the fight with the monster.

Hunt Unlimited Monsters in Monster Hunter Now

There is an interesting way to hunt unlimited monsters in the Monster Hunt Now game. Fucosoft Location Changer can smartly spoof your location and make your character walk automatically. The powerful tool is specifically designed to change the location to benefit you in the game, and it’s available for both iPhone and Android devices.


Here is how to spoof your GPS location to make your game easier and more enjoyable:

Step 1: Download, install, and start the Fucosoft Location Changer on your Mac or Windows PC. On its interface, tap “Get Started.”

get started

Step 2: From the upper right corner, select the “Teleport Mode”. After that, enter our address or choose a fake location by dragging in the map.

select location

Step 3: Now, you can change the original location to the one you have just chosen by pressing the “Move” button.

change iphone location

That’s it, done! Now, you should be able to play the Monster Hunter Now game from the changed location.

FAQs about Monster Hunter Now

How can I add friends to the Monster Hunter Now game?

The recent version of the game enables you to add friends. All you need to do is to invite them, and you will receive some rewards for doing so. Here is how to do that: Simply press “Friends” and then press “Add Friend” from the menu. After doing so, you will see the QR code and friend code. By providing this information to your friends, you can easily add them as your friends in the game.

How do I pick the language in the Monster Hunter Now?

Typically, the default language of your smartphone will be automatically set as the game language. However, if you want to change that, you can simply open “Settings” and then go to “Language Settings”. From there, choose the preferred language.


We hope this article has provided you with all the information you will need to do well in the Monster Hunt Now game. So, go ahead and try out the tips, tricks, and suggestions we have discussed in the article. Also, don’t forget to try out the Fucosoft Location Changer to spoof the location in the app and do even better.