Top 11 Best Video Downloader for Chrome [2022 Update]

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We often use Google Chrome browser to watch all kinds of videos online. However, even with their overall convenience and sheer speed, there are times the internet connection becomes sluggish or drops while watching a video.

The video suddenly stops and you can’t continue watching it because of that. So, what can you do to avoid such situations? Well, your best bet is downloading the videos using a Chrome video downloader to watch them offline.

In this guide, we’ll highlight the top 11 best Chrome video downloaders that can help you do just that. We’ll also look at their pros and cons to help you select the one that best suits your needs.

Top 5 Video Downloader Chrome Extension

Video DownloadHelper

The first best Chrome video downloader extension on our list is Video DownloadHelper. It’s free and capable of downloading videos on any website you visited. Using it is easy too and it can instantly detect a video that’s playing from another website or a website you previously visited and make it downloadable.

From there, you can download the video either into its original format or convert it into a whole different file format such as 3GP, MP4, AVI, or MPEG. The extension also allows you to select the video quality up to 1080p regardless of the format you choose. It supports DASH and HLS streamed videos too. Besides that, you can use the Video DownloadHelper extension to download images online.

chrome video downloader


  • You can download a video exactly to the quality of its original source.
  • Offers the option to control the number of concurrent downloads.
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux computers.


  • Slows down a bit when it’s downloading multiple videos.

Video Downloader Professional

The Video Downloader Professional is another free video downloader chrome extension that offers an easier way to download videos instantly. It works quite reliably and can download videos playing on different websites, such as Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, FMovies, GoMovies, TikTok, and more.

This extension also offers various resolutions and sizes for download. You can choose 240p, 360p, 540p, 720p, or 1080p resolution for your video download. You can as well download Vimeo video to MP4 or Dailymotion to M3U8. The only limitation is on Facebook as you can only choose different sizes for your videos – no resolution options are provided.

chrome video downloader


  • Allows you to download videos online between different resolutions. Works especially well for Vimeo videos.
  • Can grab a video and stream on Chromecast.
  • It’s free and simple to use.


  • Not capable of downloading higher-quality Vimeo video like 2K or 4K.
  • Comes with ads that appear on your Google search results.

Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader allows you to easily download Flash videos online. It supports over 50 different languages including English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Indonesian, etc.

This extension is free and has a simple interface but it’s not flexible as Video Downloader Professional above. You have to refresh the webpage for it to detect the video yet the Video Downloader Professional detects the video instantly.

chrome video downloader


  • It’s able to download Vimeo videos to 1080p.
  • It can remember all the videos that it has found which you can remove easily.


  • It often catches the small flash banners rather than the video.
  • It’s unable to detect videos from Facebook, Wistia, and several other sites.

Video Downloader Plus

When it comes to simplicity, Video Downloader Plus stands out from the rest. This Chrome video downloader extension has a pretty simple interface that makes it very straightforward to use. It’s not perfect, but works just fine and can easily grab videos from almost all websites.

However, multiple videos can have the same name on the page, so you need to keep an eye on the file size. Besides that, Video Downloader Plus has a premium service that charges $19.99 per month to download videos, unlike the free extensions above.

chrome video downloader


  • Has a very intuitive interface.
  • Can detect and download videos from most websites.
  • It’s capable of downloading videos in multiple supported video outputs.


  • Downloading high-definition videos requires a monthly subscription.
  • Fails to correctly name most of the video files it caches.

Video Downloader Pro

The final option on our list is the Video Downloader Pro. It does claim to download videos from all websites but that’s not the case. This extension can’t download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Brightcove, etc.

Another false advertisement is that it’s able to save videos as MP4, FLV, AVI, MPEG, ASF, etc. I found that it only saves the videos to MP4. Despite that, the Video Downloader Pro extension is still fairly flexible and does work fine. Like the Flash Video Downloader above, it also supports over 50 languages.

chrome video downloader


  • It’s able to download videos from Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, and other various platforms and websites.
  • Detects supported videos instantly.


  • Tends to show “Video not detected” too often.
  • It can’t find embedded videos.

Top 5 Free Online Video Downloader for Chrome

Online video downloader is a good alternative if you’re not okay with downloading a video downloading app on your computer because of viruses. is the top option you can consider.

It has an intuitive user interface that’s simple to use. You don’t have to go through complicated steps to download videos. All it takes is just copying the video’s link and pasting it right to URL bar. Furthermore, you can choose the file format you want like MP4, WEBM, etc. You can also select the video quality you want – from 360p to 1080p.

chrome video downloader


  • It’s accessible from different web browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc.
  • You can access it on Android devices too.


  • Tends to add annoying ads when downloading videos.


SaveTheVideo is a fairly easy-to-use online video downloader for Chrome. You just copy the video’s URL and paste it on SaveTheVideo’s text/URL box. You can download all kinds of Chrome videos including vlogs, documentaries, tutorials, etc. You can also access the tool using different browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Mozilla.

This tool as well lets you select the download video quality up to 1080p resolution, and more. It does offer other useful features besides downloading videos like converting videos from different video formats such as MP4. The execution speed is super fast.

chrome video downloader


  • It’s multifunctional. Offers an editing feature with options like cut, trim, and crop.
  • It’s free and even has a desktop version for both Mac and Windows computers.


  • The platform is flooded with constant advertisements.


The process of downloading videos using CatchVideo is as simple as the other online tools above. You paste the URL link into the text box and it analyzes and makes the video ready and downloadable for you.

The tool can capture videos from most online video-sharing sites like Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vevo, TikTok, Veoh, and more. CatchVideo does allow you to select the video quality you want from 360p to 4K, which is quite a huge plus.

Unfortunately, it’s only able to download videos in one format, that is, MP4. However, it offers a feature for converting videos to audio files, mainly to MP3. Besides that, CatchVideo offers both Chrome and Firefox extensions that make downloading videos considerably faster. It even has a desktop version that allows you to use its features fully.

chrome video downloader


  • Ad-free and offers software for Linux.
  • Supports formats like FLAC, ACC, and OGG.


  • It’s not able to do batch video downloading.


BitDownloader is a fascinating Chrome online video downloader. It’s packed with lots of features. First, it supports more than 1,000 video-sharing sites, including Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. This tool equally allows you to select the video quality starting from 144p to 1080p resolution. It supports downloading videos in either MP4 or WebM format. It can also save videos in audio format, mainly in MP3 format.

The amazing thing about BitDownloader is that you can access it from almost any browser, not just Google Chrome. You can use it on Safari, Firefox, Edge, UC Browser, etc. It’s even accessible on iOS and Android devices. The other great thing is that it’s easy to use and 100% secure. No ads appear while using this online Chrome video downloader.

chrome video downloader


  • Allows you to download a video with sound or not.
  • Analyzed videos from the platform (BitDownloader) can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and Whatsapp.


  • It’s not able to download YouTube music videos.


As the name suggests, YouTubeNow is a tool designed purposely for getting videos from YouTube at HD quality such as 720p and 1080p. You can download as many videos as you want for free. There’s no registration needed. You just need the internet to download all kinds of videos including music videos, documentaries, webinars, tutorials, etc.

There’s even a trick to bring YouTube videos onto YouTubNow faster. All it takes is just changing to plus the domain name of the particular video you wish to download. This will instantly direct you to the YouTubNow download tab together with the video.

Currently it can only download videos from YouTube, its developers claim that it will soon be able to get videos from other sites like Facebook, Dailymotion, and more.

chrome video downloader


  • Can be accessed on Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and even Opera.
  • Supports different file formats that you can choose from like MP4, WEBM, and 3GP.
  • Allows you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio format.


  • It currently only supports downloading videos from YouTube.

Best Desktop Video Downloader for Chrome

If you’re not a fan of online tools or browser extensions, then a desktop video downloader for Chrome like Fucosoft Video Downloader would be an ideal option for you. It’s able to download multiple videos simultaneously, unlike most browser extensions and online tools.

On top of that, it can catch videos playing from other browsers like Firefox and Safari, not just Chrome. Its downloading speed is quick due to its multi-thread technology. It saves videos from YouTube and many other websites instantly. It works on both Windows and Mac computers. To set it and use it;


Step 1: Download the installer first

Click either of the “Download” buttons above. Run the installer to install the Fucosoft video downloader on your computer. Once the installation is done, the program will launch and display the main window.

paste video link

Step 2: Download the Chrome Video

Copy the video URL from Chrome’s address bar that you wish to download. Paste the URL to Fucosoft Video Downloader and select the resolution you want and hit the “Download” button to proceed.

download online video

Step 2: Play the Chrome Video

When downloaded, the video will be automatically saved to the location you selected. Alternatively, you can click the File icon which will direct you to the output folder that holds the exact video.


  • You can download Chrome videos into different formats like MP4 and MP3.
  • It’s able to download videos with a quality of up to 4K resolution.


  • The free trial version can only download 5 videos concurrently.

FAQs about Chrome Video Downloader

Are video downloaders for Chrome legal?

Yes, video downloaders for Chrome are legal provided you’re using them to download videos mainly for personal use or for creating transformative content. The only time it becomes a serious offense is when you use them to download copyrighted videos without the permission of the original owner.

Are Chrome video downloaders free to use?

A majority of video downloaders are free. There are some that offer premium plans though but with added features. There are also others that offer a free-trial plan where the tool is free for use for only a certain limited period of time.

Online Chrome video downloaders or desktop downloaders, which is better?

Both are fine but online chrome video downloaders are a good option if you don’t wish to download or install any video downloading software on your computer so as to avoid viruses. They are also pretty straightforward to use.

Chrome desktop downloaders require downloading and installing a video downloading app onto your computer. But they do offer more functions and features, plus they can download multiple videos simultaneously.


Using a Chrome video downloader is the best option when it comes to downloading videos online, especially since most online sites (even content-sharing sites) don’t really have direct download tools. If you use the Google Chrome browser, then our 11 best Chrome video downloaders list above gives you great options to choose from.

You can go with a Chrome video downloader extension or an online video downloader depending on your priority. We would, however, recommend going with Fucosoft Video Downloader if you want a simple, reliable tool that can do more than simple video downloading.