3 Ways to Print Text Messages & iMessages from iPhone

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Many iPhone users use Message for daily communication and some of the conversations are very important. You may need to print out text messages & iMessages for backup or even evidence in court. How to print text messages from iPhone? You are in the right place. In this article, we’re going to share you 3 simple ways to print text messages from iPhone, along with detailed steps.

Way 1: Print Text Messages from iPhone via Email

If you only need to print a couple of texts, you can copy the messages and paste them to your email account, send the messages to yourself via email. Then login into your email account and print out the text messages you need. The steps are very easy and it won’t take more time to complete all the things. However, you should keep in mind that the time/date stamps and contact information involved in the conversations will not be available. And it is a bit tedious if you need to print out a large amount of messages.

Here’s how to print text messages from iPhone via Email:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Messages app and locate the text you want to print out.
  2. Press and hold the message until you see the “Copy” option. Click on it to copy the message.
  3. Open the Mail app on your iPhone and create a new mail, then paste your copied text into it.
  4. Enter your own email address and click on “Send” to send the mail to yourself. You can also save the mail in draft.
  5. Once you get the email, open it and click on the Share button at the bottom right corner.
  6. Now click on the “Print” option and choose a connected AirPrint-enabled printer if you have. Or you can open the mail on your computer and then print out it.

print iphone text messages via email

Way 2: Print Text Messages from iPhone by Taking Screenshots

W all take the screenshots for the amazing moments or conversations we had. You can also screenshot them if you only have a few text messages to print. You can simply take screenshots of the conversation and print out the images. Apple provides users AirPrint service to easily print photos and documents from iPhone or iPad without any additional applications. Also, this way enables you to keep all important information such as contact, date, time, etc. However, it is still not an efficient solution if you want to print out large amount of messages at one time.

Here’s how to print out text messages from iPhone by taking screenshots:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Message app and find the text conversation you need to print.
  2. Press and hold the Home and Power buttons at the same time to take a screenshot. Tap on “Done” and then choose “Save to Photos” to save the screenshot.
  3. Go to Photos app and choose the message screenshot you want to print, then tap on the Share button.
  4. You will find the “Print” button. Tap on it to start printing. Please ensure that your iPhone and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

print iphone texts by taking screenshot

If your printer doesn’t support AirPrint, don’t worry, you can also email the message screenshot to yourself and print them as pictures from your computer.

Way 3: Print Text Messages from iPhone with Third-party Tool

If you want to print dozens of text messages from your iPhone, both email and screenshot are not helpful. In such case, we suggest you use third-party tool to back up all your iPhone messages on your computer for printing. Fucosoft iOS Data Backup & Restore is a professional tool that works on both PC and Mac. With it, you can easily export text messages from iPhone to computer, and then print iPhone texts with your printer. Not only messages, you can also export contacts, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. to computer for print or backup. The software works well on all iPhone models and iOS versions, including the latest iPhone 12 mini/12/12 Pro (Max) and iOS 14.


Here’s how to print all text messages and iMessages from iPhone in one click:

Step 1: Download Fucosoft iPhone Data Backup & Restore tool and install it on your computer. Launch the program and connected your iPhone to the computer using USB cable.

Step 2: To export text messages from your iPhone, select “Export from Device & Backup” from the left panel and then click on “Export from Device”.

export from device

Step 3: On the next window, choose “Messages” and any other data types that you want to print, then click on “Scan” and the program will begin scanning.

choose data type to export

Step 4: After scanning, you can preview the messages in details and select the conversations you need. Then tap on “Export” and select the format to export text messages from your iPhone to your computer.

export from device successfully

Once the process is complete, you can then print out the messages with your printer.

To Conclude

This was all about how to print text messages from iPhone. You can use any of the methods described above to print the conversations you need. If you only need to print a few texts, try coping messages and emailing to yourself. If you need to present your text messages in a court or for other legal purposes, you’d better take screenshots and print them as images. If you need to print hundreds of messages, try using Fucosoft iOS Data Backup & Restore. Using it, you can export and print all text messages from your iPhone with ease. Please let us know if you have any questions or problems about these methods.

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