Is Anime Bad for Kids? Learn All the Facts

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Anime is now becoming increasingly popular, which has led many parents to worry about the potential negative effects that it may have on their kids. But how exactly is Anime bad for kids? Well, this article seeks to answer this exact question.

Here, you’ll understand what Anime is, some of the benefits it offers, and the possible negative effects it has on kids. We’ve also included several precautions you can take to ensure your kids don’t get exposed to the negative effects of Anime. So, keep reading.

What is Anime for Kids?

Anime is a form of Japanese animation that’s quite popular, with a vast following worldwide. It consists of various genres and styles that not only offer engaging stories but also unique visual aesthetics. The influence of Anime has grown significantly over the years, such that it’s nowadays very popular among children and teenagers all around the globe.

What has made it so popular among young people are its compelling narratives, visually stunning animation, and relatable characters, which are all quite captivating. Its influence, though, isn’t limited to entertainment alone. There are many fan communities, merchandise, cosplay, and conventions that are inspired by Anime and are committed to celebrating it.

is anime bad for kids

Is Anime Bad for Kids? Exploring the Pros & Cons

The Pros of Anime for Kids

Before we jump to what makes Anime bad for kids, you should know that Anime also has numerous positive aspects that can benefit kids. Some of them are:

Offers Cultural Education

Anime offers an opportunity for kids to learn about different cultures, specifically Japanese culture, because most of the Anime series are set in Japan. The series showcases the rich traditions of Japan, including its customs, festivals, and everyday life. Therefore, through watching Anime, children can begin to appreciate cultural diversity at an early age and learn more about the vibrant world far beyond their own.

Has Inspiring Role Models

Anime characters are often admirable because they showcase positive qualities like compassion, determination, and courage. Such positive traits make them inspiring role models for children as they can teach them valuable lessons about resilience, empathy, and the importance of doing what is right. Therefore, as kids connect with these Anime characters, they can emulate and develop their positive traits in their own lives.

Promotes Creativity

With its unique animation style and engaging storytelling, Anime can serve as an inspiration for kids, encouraging them to unleash their creativity and artistic abilities. Its colorful worlds and characters are all visually appealing and can spark kids’ imaginations and make them passionate about drawing, storytelling, and animation. As the kids get inspired to explore their creativity, they can develop their artistic skills and express themselves through Anime.

In general, Anime for kids offers many benefits. It’s not just all about entertainment because it exposes kids to diverse cultures and essential life lessons and inspires them to be creative. Letting children watch and engage with Anime can broaden their imagination and help them develop critical life skills and chart their path to self-discovery.

The Cons of Anime for Kids

Anime provides numerous benefits for kids, but it has potential risks too that you need to know so that you can take necessary precautions. Some of these risks are:

Violent and Graphic Content

There are scenes in some Anime series that may showcase intense violence and graphic content like gore, blood, and intense fighting sequences. No parent would want their children to see such violent content because it can overwhelm them and cause them distress. To protect your kids from them, you need to be cautious enough to check the Anime content that your kids watch and only select the series that are suitable for their age.

Sexual Content

Certain Anime series may involve sexual scenes like nudity or suggestive themes that are inappropriate and harmful to young audiences and kids. As such, it’s essential that parents properly research Anime show to ensure the ones they select are safe and age-appropriate for their kids.

Vulgar Language

There are Anime shows that may use language that’s not appropriate for children, like swear words, offensive remarks, or vulgar phrases. Children’s values and behavior can be affected by this foul language. Therefore, parents should be mindful of the language used in Anime series to ensure that it’s appropriate for their children’s age and aligns with the values they intend to instill in them.

Despite the risks that Anime poses to kids, it doesn’t mean we should stop our children from watching it. Like other forms of entertainment, allowing kids to view Anime requires a thoughtful and informed approach. Parents must be responsible enough to make the right decisions and guide their children’s media consumption.

Parental Guidance: How to Protect Kids?

There are several steps you can take to ensure the content you’re children watch is safe and appropriate for their age. They include:

1. Use a Parental Control App

With the consumption of digital media like Anime rising significantly among children and teenagers, parents need to take steps to create a safe viewing experience for their children. KidsGuard Pro is one tool that’s enabling parents all over the world to protect their children from potential online risks actively.

It is an advanced parental control app that offers comprehensive protection and monitoring for all online activities of children. With this tool, parents can actively protect their children from any potential online risk and ensure they enjoy a safe and enriching viewing environment.

Key Features of KidsGuard Pro

  • Provides content filtering and monitoring functions that parents can use to block Anime shows with inappropriate content like violence or sexual themes/scenes.
  • Allows for real-time monitoring of kid’s online activities to ensure that what they’re viewing is safe and suitable for their age.
  • Sends real-time alerts and notifications to parents whenever their child tries to access inappropriate content or potentially harmful websites.
  • You can use screen time and app management tools to restrict how long your child watches Anime.
  • Allows parents to track their child’s whereabouts to ensure their safety.

How to protect your kids from the risks of Anime using KidsGuard Pro

Step 1: Download and install the KidsGuard Pro app on your device. Register and create your KidsGuard account that you’ll use to log in.

kidsguard pro

Step 2: Get your child’s device, install KidsGuard on it, and connect it to your account.

kidsguard pro

Step 3: You can now easily set screen time and block inappropriate apps and websites to ensure your child is safe online.

kidsguard pro

2. Research Beforehand

Ensure that you properly research the specific Anime that your kids want to watch before letting them watch it. Check its reviews and recommended age ratings. Read about the theme and kind of content that Anime contains, too. Doing all these will help you determine if the Anime is appropriate for the age and maturity level of your child.

3. Watch Anime with Your Kids

You can monitor the content that your children are exposed to by simply watching Anime together with them. This easy step also offers a great way to participate in your children’s viewing experience actively. You can have open discussions with them about the themes and messages presented in the Anime and even talk about potential concerns they may have.

FAQs about Anime for Kids

Is Anime bad for kids’ mental health?

Well, according to research, children and young kids who love watching Anime are at a high risk of developing mental health problems. This is possible because there are a lot of Anime series that showcase and support violence, pornography, abuse, toxicity, and a lousy fan base. Many of the Anime episodes can also cause children to lose touch with reality, and others are homophobic and pedophile, too. However, there are plenty of good Anime shows for kids that have no such negative aspects and can benefit the kids significantly.

When should I allow my kids to watch Anime?

Just like most cartoons, Anime shows can contain harmful or good content. Therefore, you must research and read people’s reviews before letting your children watch an Anime. There’s no estimated or set age at which kids should watch Anime, but children aged 12, for instance, should watch Anime shows that contain appropriate content for their age.

What’s the Right Anime for 10-Year-Old?

Shugo Chara, Little Witch Academia, Sailor Moon, and My Television Academia are a few examples of the many kid’s Anime shows that most 10-year-olds would enjoy watching. However, you should at least ensure you limit your kids’ screen time if they watch Anime on TV – you can set a time limit that prevents them from watching past 9 p.m.

Are all Anime series suitable for kids?

Not all of them. A majority of Anime series are inappropriate for kids. Parents should conduct proper research to ensure that the Anime they select for their children is safe and suitable for their ages.

Should parents watch Anime shows with their kids?

Yes, they should. When they watch Anime together, the parents can engage the kids in meaningful discussions and address any concerns they may have. They can also easily guide and help the children understand the Anime content better.


From our post above, it’s clear that Anime for kids is not bad. Besides entertainment, it has educational content that can benefit children. But, as we’ve explained, not all Anime content is suitable for kids, so parents need to get well-informed and actively guide their kids to ensure the Anime they watch is safe and appropriate for their age.

If you’re a concerned parent, we highly recommend you get KidsGuard Pro, which is a tool you can reliably use to monitor and control all the media content that your kid access or watch online. Once you have it, you can easily protect your kids from inappropriate content in real time, so try it out.