Is Yee App Safe? Here Are All The Facts

Posted on November 15, 2023 - By Fucosoft | Follow YouTube, Twitter to Get More Information.

The Yee Chat app is a new social networking app for those who love making new friends and meeting people. It’s similar to the famous Monkey app, as it matches you with people with similar interests and allows you to connect with them through text chats and video calls. Despite it being an adult social media, children are also increasingly using the app, which has led to many parents getting concerned about their kid’s safety on the app.

But really, is the Yee app safe? How can parents protect their kids from it if it’s unsafe? Keep reading as we will answer all these questions and more in this post. We’ll tell you everything about the Yee app, from what it is and how it works to what you can do as a parent to ensure your kid’s safety online. So let’s jump in.

What is Yee App?

Nowadays, almost everybody uses social media as their primary mode of communication. A good example is Yee Chat, a social networking app for making new friends online. It allows you to text and even video chat with other users. Through this app, you can connect with people with the same profile as yours and start conversations with them.

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What’s the Appropriate Age for Yee App?

The age restriction for the app is eighteen and above, but COPRA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) in the United States has recently approved it to be safe for children aged thirteen and above. This new approval is causing parents and guardians to worry about their children’s safety on the app.

Since the app is very new, there’s very little information in the App Store, so it’s also hard for parents to make an informed decision. Fortunately, this article uncovers all the necessary details parents need to know about this Yee app, so keep reading.

How Does the Yee App Work?

With a bit of knowledge about the Yee app and its appropriate age, it’s time to know how this app actually works.

First, getting this Yee app is simple because you can download it for free from the Apple App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices). With the app in place, it can text and video messaging, so individuals (usually teens) can converse with other users and make new friends worldwide.

The app works by randomly matching a user with other users who share a similar profile for a quick introduction through either text chat or a video call. After the brief introduction, you can keep in touch with your new friend on other social media apps like Snapchat (which is liked by many Yee App users).

The only thing you need to do after downloading the app is first to register an account for you to access and use its features. From there, the app will list potential “friends” you can engage with via text chat or a video call. Or you can go through profiles and then engage only the ones you want.

For each profile the App forwards, you get a two-minute timer for engaging the user and an add friend button. When your request gets accepted by the user, the app gives you more minutes to interact with your new friend.

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Is Yee App Safe for Kids?

It’s safe, at least according to the developers behind it. They state in their safety policy that they have put in place various measures to ensure the safety of every user. Some of these measures are highlighted in their Safety Center brief:

  • A 24/7 moderation team has been set up to review user reports in case of community guidelines violation. If users are found guilty, they get expelled and banned from the platform.
  • They utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to filter out all content that violates their safety policy.
  • They strictly exercise a zero-tolerance policy on all explicit and offensive content published by users.

Do the Yee App Safety Measures Have Any Flaws?

Yee App has tried to win over the attention of the usually well-guarded teens. It has done this through its amazing features and by offering some sense of security and safety. But, the safety measures enforced in this social networking app still have some flaws, such as:

  • There’s no age verification – Although the Yee app has put in place stringent measures to prevent underage kids from owning an account, some users still manage to break through this tight defense, and others intentionally reduce or hide their age to perpetrate evil on the app. This breach indicates that the age verification measure setup doesn’t help ensure teens’ safety and security on the app.
  • There’s no Privacy – The Yee app shares three vital user information with the general public on various levels. They include the user’s Personal Data, their contributed content, and automatic information like the IP address and the browser type.
  • Not sufficient Security – Scammers hide behind anonymity to scam and deceive naive teens on the app.

What Can Parents Do to Protect Kids’ Online Safety?

As a parent, you can take the following steps to protect your child on the Yee app and other online platforms.

Use Parental Control Apps

Various parental control apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. These apps provide several tools for tracking and monitoring your family members to ensure they’re safe. One very reliable option is the KidsGuard Pro app. This is a highly effective solution to securing your kid’s safety online.

What makes this powerful parental control app stand out is its all-around protection. You can use it to track your kid’s browsing history and location, monitor their social media, and view the videos they watch. It also allows you to view call logs and photos, set Geofence, etc.

So, how do you use this KingsGuard Pro parental control app?

First, you must install the app on your target devices. From there, you log into the KidsGuard Pro official website and monitor the devices in real-time. The app will monitor every device messaging service application and notify you of any suspicious activity. Go to the KidsGuard Pro’s official website to check out all its safety features and a free demo.

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Talk to the Kids Openly about Internet Activity

Have a candid conversation with your kid on internet activity. You can do it in a question-and-answer session to explain and discuss proper internet usage. Ensure the child feels free to ask you all questions without fearing reprisal.

Inquire about Their Online Friends

By having an open conversation with your kids, they should be able to communicate with you about anything freely. With their high trust level, they can even allow you to check their friends list. As such, you can work together to identify the malicious accounts and make rational decisions.

Let Them Know that Privacy is Very Important

Considering that the Yee app shares the information of its users with third parties, ensure you explain the disadvantages of this practice to your kid. Ensure you also emphasize the importance of being deliberate in the content they share online.

Emphasize the Importance of Location Privacy

Ensure your kid understands that sharing location is letting everyone know where to find them. Let them know that child traffickers often use such information to kidnap kids. Keep reminding them how it’s essential to have their location private and the dangers they can face by sharing it publicly.


In the above guide, we’ve answered the question, “Is Yee app Safe?” in detail, so you’re now in a better position to decide If your kid has been using the app. Note, though, that it’s essential to monitor all activities of your kids online because they may overlook the risks they’re exposed to, especially on social media.

The KidsGuard Pro is one app that can help you beef up your kids’ online security; hence, we suggest you use it. With it, you’ll be able to remotely monitor and know everything your kid does online and use its various features to keep them safe. Therefore, go to the KidsGuard Pro website to download it.