Top 4 Ways to Download TikTok Videos on Android

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TikTok, another social media app similar to the now-retired Vine, is made from the creators of As officially went offline, TikTok has taken its place giving users the ability to watch musical clips, create short clips up to 60 seconds and even add special effects to them. It is most popular with teenagers under 16s and currently becomes one of the world’s biggest social apps with more than 300 million monthly active users.

You may come across funny lip sync videos while browsing TikTok, and want to save those clips to your device for later viewing or sharing with other social media apps. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, TikTok makes it easy to download videos. You can straightly download videos to your Android smartphone with the built-in video saving option. Besides, there are some other ways to do the task with ease. In this article, we will introduce 4 different ways to download videos from TikTok to Android without any hassle. Let’s get started.

Way 1. Using Tik Tok Built-in Saving Option

TikTok has a built-in video saving option that lets users to download videos easily. Just got the application installed on your Android smartphone, you can download TikTok videos from inside the app. Please note that this feature works in the latest Tik Tok update. It only allows you download one video a time and adds a logo watermark onto every video you download. Besides, if someone has switched off the saving video option in their profile, then this method won’t work.

  1. Open the TikTok app on your Android phone and go to the video that you desire to save in your gallery.
  2. Click on the Share option from the right side of the screen. You will find a Save Video option if the account owner has enabled the saving option in their profile.
  3. Tap on that option and wait till the video loads, then it will be automatically saved to your Android phone’s local storage within a few minutes.

download tiktok videos android

Way 2. Using Email to Download TikTok Videos

Another easy way to save TikTok videos to Android phone is using Email. The Share menu on TikTok also features Email option, which allows you to share the TikTok video to anyone via email. Also, you can save the TikTok videos on your Android device via Message or share it on other social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  1. Open the TikTok app on your Android phone and browse the video that you wish to save.
  2. Click on the Share icon on the right-hand side corner and you will find the Email option.
  3. Click on that option and the TikTok app will open the Email service on your Android phone and attach the video as an .mp4 file.
  4. Send that email to someone or save it as a draft, and then you can download the video attachment to your Android phone.

download videos from tiktok to android

Way 3. Using MusicallyDown Website

Another alternative method is using a video download site. Search online, you will find many sites available to download videos for you. While for saving TikTok videos, we suggest you use It is a Tik Tok Video Downloader that allows you to save Tik Tok videos online for free. The site is very easy to use and you don’t have to download or run an app on your Android phone.

  1. Launch the TikTok app and find the video you want to save. Then click on the Share button on the right side menu.
  2. Next, tap on the Copy Link button and navigate to, them paste the link into the URL blank.
  3. Now tap on the Download button and save the video onto your Android phone’s storage.

download tiktok videos online

Way 4. Using Video Downloader for Tik Tok

For whatever reason, the above methods may not work for you. For instance, the MusicallyDown website is facing downtime or you can’t access it cause of firewall restrictions. Don’t worry. There are a few apps available in Google Play Store to help you download videos from TikTok to your Android phone. One such example is Video Downloader for Tik Tok. With just one click, you can download your favorite TikTok videos without watermark and save to your Android phone.

  1. Go to Google Play Store, find the Video Downloader for Tik Tok and install it on your Android phone.
  2. Open the TikTok app and head to the video you wan to save. Click on the Share button and then choose Copy Link to copy the video URL.
  3. Back to the TikTok Video Downloader app and tap on the Copy Link & Download button.
  4. From the next screen, tap on the Paste Link button and then the Download button to begin the process of downloading TikTok video to your Android phone.

download tiktok videos android

The Final Word

TikTok is a great social media app full of amazing content. Here we have shared 4 easy methods to help you save TikTok videos on your Android phone. As you can see, downloading TikTok videos on Android phone is quite easy and can be done in just a few clicks. If you mistakenly deleted videos on your phone, don’t fret, Fucosoft Android Data Recovery can help you get back the lost videos on Android with ease.If you are facing any issues, please mention in the comment box below. If you found this article helpful, please share it to your friends. Thank you for reading.


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