How to Know If You’re Blocked on Line – 5 Ways

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Are you trying to reach one of your friends on Line, but you are unable to do that? Being blocked by your contacts or friends on social media apps like Line is inevitable and it is more frustrating if you are not sure about this. Take it easy. In this article, we will explain what happens when you’re blocked on Line as well as 5 different ways to tell if you are blocked on Line.

Part 1. What Happens When You Are Blocked on Line?

Before we get to the different strategies you can employ to determine if someone has blocked you on Line, let’s first take a look at what exactly happens when someone blocks you on line. To begin with, when someone blocks you, you will be unable to communicate with them in any way on the app; this includes sending them text messages, calling them or even video calling them. You will also be removed from their friends list and added to their blocked users list.

But they can choose to unblock you at any time and consequently re-add you to their friends list. But since you don’t have access to their friends list, it can be difficult to tell for sure if they have blocked you. Don’t worry. The following five ways should help you reach that determination;

Part 2. How to Know If You Are Blocked on Line?

If you suspect that your friend or contact has blocked you on Line, one of the following ways should tell you for sure.

Way 1: Try Messaging Your Friend

If someone has blocked you, you will be unable to send a message to them. This is therefore the first logical place to start. If you send them a message and it fails to be delivered or when you try to call them, but the call doesn’t go through, it is very likely that they have blocked you.

make line call

Way 2: Create a Multi-Person Chat

A multi-person chat is just like a group chat. Try to include the person you suspect has blocked you in a group chat with another contact on Line. If they have blocked you, their place in the group chat will be empty. They will not have seen your invitation to join the group chat and therefore couldn’t send confirmation to be included in the group chat.

line group chat

Way 3: Check Out Your Friend’s Profile

The other thing you can do to determine if someone has blocked you on Line is to check out the contact’s profile. If you can’t see their posts and you could see them before, then it is very likely that they have blocked you. To view their posts, simply tap on their name on your friend’s list and then choose “Posts” at the bottom of the page. If the page is empty, then the person has blocked you.

check line profile

Way 4: Try Sending Your Friend a Theme

On Line, you can’t receive gifts from a blocked user. Therefore, you can try to send the person a theme without spending any money. To do that, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on “More” at the bottom-right of the screen and then choose the “Theme Shop”.
  2. Select any theme and click “Send as Gift”.
  3. Choose the person you think has blocked you as the recipient
  4. If they have indeed blocked you, you may see a prompt saying that they already have the theme.

send line theme

If they haven’t blocked you, you will be redirected to the next screen to confirm the purchase.

Way 5: Try Sending Your Friend a Sticker

This method is the same as sending them a gift, instead of choosing the Theme shop, you select the “Sticker shop”. In much the same way as the theme, if you try to send them the sticker and they have blocked you, you would get a message saying that they already have the sticker. But if you are able to send them the sticker, then they haven’t blocked you.

send line stickers

Part 3. How to Backup Your Line Chat History on iPhone/iPad

Other than friends who block you on Line, one of the most common problems that users face on Line is data loss. The only way to safeguard the data on your Line account is to back up all the chat history with a reliable solution. If you would like a backup tool that gives you control over the backup process, allowing you to back up all the chats on your iPhone/iPad to your computer and restore the data to your device when you need to, consider using Wondershare dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer.

The following are some of the features that make dr.fone-WhatsApp Transfer the most ideal solution:

  • Transfer and backup all Line chat history including messages, audios, pictures and videos to computer for viewing or printing.
  • Not only Line chat history, you are enabled to backup many other types of social app data like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, WeChat, etc.
  • You can freely view the contents in the backup file and restore them back to the device or selectively export items to the computer.
  • It is fully compatible with all iOS devices and iOS versions, including the newest iPhone 12 mini/12/12 Pro Max, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max and iOS 14/13.

Follow these simple steps to use dr.fone – WhatsApp Transfer to create a full backup of your Line data on iPhone/iPad:

Step 1: Download, install dr.fone toolkit and then open the suite of tools. In the main windows, choose the option of “WhatsApp Transfer” to begin the process.

wondershare dr.fone

Step 2: Connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cable. Go to the “LINE” tab and then click “Backup”.

dr.fone ios line backup

Step 3: As soon as the program detects the device, the backup process will begin immediately and automatically.

dr.fone ios line backup

Keep the device connected to the computer until the Line backup process is complete. The program will notify you when the backup is complete. You should be able to view the Line backup files when the process is complete.

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