How to Fix iPhone Message Notifications Not Working

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After upgrading to iOS 14, my iPhone 11 no longer makes a sound or displays a notification on my locked screen when I receive a text message. This is a bit of problem, I depend on text messages quite a lot in my job and now I have no idea if I’m getting a text message unless I keep checking my phone. How do I fix this?

Have you ever run into the same annoying situation – your iPhone suddenly not making any sound or notification when you receive an message? You’re not alone. Many iOS users have reported that they are experiencing message notification issues after upgrading their devices to iOS 14.

If iPhone text alerts not working properly, you might fail to see important messages from family, friends and workplaces. Don’t worry. In this article, we are going to show you 9 effective solutions for text messages notifications not working on your iPhone 12 mini/12/12 Pro, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max, iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/7/6s/6 Plus, etc. running on iOS 14/13.

Fix 1: Repair iPhone System without Data Loss

iPhone message notifications not working problem are often caused by bugs in the iOS system and therefore the most effective way to fix this problem is to eliminate these system errors. Most of the solutions designed to fix issues in the iOS system will cause data loss on the device. But Fucosoft iOS System Recovery is the only tool on record that will fix various iOS issues without causing data loss. Some of its noticeable features including the following:

  • Repair malfunctioning iPhone under numerous circumstances including iPhone stuck on the Apple Logo, recovery mode, black screen of death, iPhone is disabled, etc.
  • Two repair modes to ensure higher success rate. The Standard mode is more useful for fixing various common iOS issues without data loss and the Advanced mode is more suitable for more serious problems.
  • Great iTunes alternative to restore or update iOS device when experience iTunes errors like error 9006, error 4005, error 21, etc.
  • Very simple to use, no tech knowledge is required. Anyone can fix iOS issues in a few simple clicks.
  • Fully compatible with all iPhone models including iPhone 12/11 Pro and all iOS versions including iOS 14/13.


Here’s how to fix message notifications not working on iPhone problem without data loss:

Step 1: Download, install and run Fucosoft iOS System Recovery on your Windows PC or Mac. Then connect the iPhone to the computer and wait for the program to detect it. Once detected, choose “Repair Operating System”.

choose repair mode

Step 2: If the program is unable to detect the device, you may need to put it in DFU/Recovery more. Follow the on-screen instructions provided to put the device in DFU/recovery mode to allow for easier access.

recovery mode

Step 3: When the iPhone is in DFU or Recovery mode, the program will detect the device model and provide various versions of firmware for the device. Select one and then click “Download”.

download firmware

Step 4: When the firmware is downloaded, click on “Repair Now” and the program will begin repairing the device. Keep your iPhone connected to the computer until the process is complete.


Fix 2: Restart Your iPhone

Simply restarting the iPhone could also remove some of the glitches that could be causing the issues. To restart the iPhone, simply press and hold the power button until you see “slide to power off” appear on the screen. Slide the slider to power off the device and wait for the device to power down completely.

Now wait a few seconds before powering on the device again, then check if the problem is gone. If it is not, try our next solutions.

slide to power off

Fix 3: Check Your Wi-Fi & Cellular Connection

It is also important to note that you won’t be able to receive notifications on your iPhone if the device is not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network. So, if you are experience iPhone message notifications not working problem, check if the device is connected to a network or not.

If the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, try connecting the device to another Wi-Fi network. Just go to Settings > Wi-Fi and select a different network under “Choose a Network”.

choose a wifi network

Fix 4: Check the Sound Effect for Text Message

You may also miss message notifications on your iPhone if the tone selected is not sufficient or sound are set to “Silent”. To check that there is a sound effect associated with the incoming messages, go to Settings > Sound & Hepatics. Scroll down to select the “Sounds and Vibrations Patterns” section and tap on “Text Tone.” If it shows “None/Vibrate Only”, click on it to set an alert tone that you want to use

set text tone on iphone

Fix 5: Check Notifications Settings

If you still not getting message notification on your iPhone, you check the notification settings on the device and ensure that you’ve set sound for the notifications. To do that, follow these simple steps:

  1. On your iPhone, head to Settings > Messages and tap on “Sound”.
  2. Here chooses your favorite notification sound. On this page, also ensure that “Allow Notifications”and all alerts are enabled.

allow notifications for message

Fix 6: Turn Off Do Not Disturb on iPhone

The Don Not Disturb feature will silent all alerts on your iPhone, such as calls, texts, etc. You won’t be able to get a message notification on your iPhone if Do Not Disturb is turned on. To check, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap “Do Not Disturb”.
  2. Toggle the switch to disable “Do Not Disturb” if it is on.

turn off do not disturb on iphone

Fix 7: Remove the Crescent Moon Next to Messages

If you are still unable to get notifications for messages, you may want to check if there is a crescent moon next to the messages. If there is one, it is likely that you have turned on “Do Not Disturb” for that contact. To remove it, press on the “I” icon and then turn off “Hide Alerts”.

remove crescent moon messages

Fix 8: Turn Off Bluetooth on iPhone

If Bluetooth is enabled, it is possible that the notifications are being sent to the Bluetooth device connected to the iPhone. In this case, the solution is simple, just go to Settings > Bluetooth to turn off Bluetooth.

turn off iphone bluetooth

Fix 9: Reset All Settings on iPhone

Resetting all Settings on your iPhone is an ideal solution when you suspect that an underlying software issue could be the problem. Doing this will clear all conflicting settings and get the device’s notifications working normally again. Please note that resetting all settings will reset your iPhone to its factory settings and remove your configured settings, but will not affect the data on the device.

To reset the settings on your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Reset.
  2. Tap “Reset All Settings” and enter your passcode when prompted to do so.
  3. Confirm the action by tapping on “Reset All Settings” and when the process is complete, the device will restart.

reset all settings iphone

The Final Word

The above methods will help you fix the text message notifications not working on your iPhone. If you’ve tried all the solutions but iPhone still not getting text notifications, there’s a great chance that the issue is caused by hardware problems. In such case, you’d better contact Apple support or go to a local Apple Store to have your iPhone repaired. If you accidentally deleted or lost important text messages, you can easily recover deleted text messages on iPhone with the help of Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery. Feel free to download it and have a try.

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